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An evaluation of your current saddleʼs fit.  As with a saddle fitting, Kate will begin by evaluating the horse in the aisle and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Kate will then observe you ride your horse at the walk, trot, and canter in your current saddle. If any adjustments are needed to the wool Kate can do this after you’ve ridden and then watch may watch you ride again to ensure correct fit and balance. Tracings of the horseʼs back may also taken at this time and added to the customerʼs record.


Please allow 1 hours for a Saddle Assessment.



Should your saddle require, we will adjust, remove and add wool flocking to ensure a more comfortable fit for rider and horse.

This is not included in a Saddle Check.

Please allow 1 Hour for flocking.



For when considering the purchase of a new saddle.
Initially, Kate will look at the horse in the aisle and discuss saddle needs for horse and rider. She will then try different types of trees and saddles on the horses back. Saddles determined to be suitable are then made available to test ride. During the test ride process, Kate observes the horse and rider together in each saddle at a walk, trot, canter, and over a jump if needed. During this time, Kate will also be evaluating the biomechanics of horse and rider in each saddle to establish the best possible fit. Kate encourages the trainer to be present and welcomes their feedback and insight as they generally know the horse and rider combination well.
After the test ride, Kate will take a tracing - a 2D image of the horses back. Because different saddle manufacturers require different measurements, this part of the process is always completed last. A record of this tracing is kept in the customerʼs file. Kate can always retrace the horse each time she sees them as part of her ongoing record keeping.

Please allow 2 hours for a Saddle Fitting



Cost Varies

WestHill&Son is proud to offer Fairfax Bridles. These are not off-the-peg bridles, but rather made-to-measure elements assembled a Fairfax certified bridle fitter.



Cost Varies

We are happy to consult and make saddles, bridles and equipment for customers that might have unique situations.

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We are happy to discuss all english saddlery repairs, including saddles, bridles and girths, everything from replacing buckles to saddle trees.

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Please inquire about group rates for multiple horses and riders.

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