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Kate Ballard, born in the UK, has always wanted to make saddles. Kate showed such aptitude for the trade and craft she was offered a place at the prestigious Cordwainers College in London. 


There, she studied saddle making, bridle making, harness making, biomechanics of horse and rider, the muscular system and skeletal frame of the horse and finally lorinery, the study of bits for 3 years. Kate graduated with the highest honors, receiving the gold medal for best student. 


Kate was then offered a four year formal apprenticeship with Geoff Dean, Master Saddler and Harness maker in West Sussex, England. Throughout her apprenticeship Kate continued to excel in her trade, winning the Society of Master Saddlers competition in London. She went on to make saddlery for Tina Gifford, who became Britain’s 3 Day Eventing Olympic medalist and was requested to make a bridle for the Kings Troop to be presented by Princess Anne at the Royal Tournament, Earls Court, London. 

After 9 years of education, exams, training, assessments, dedication, persistence and sheer hard work Kate earned her status as a Master Saddler and Professional Saddle Fitter, her 11-year-old self’s dream come true.

Kate’s reputation, high standards, and professional ethics have made her a sought after commodity. In December of 2002 Kate moved to the United States. Bringing her wealth of knowledge and skill to a country sadly lacking in education for this unique trade, Kate has endeavored to teach and educate those in the equestrian industry. 

Since, Kate has lectured on the SMS overseas Saddle Fitting Courses, taught apprentices, and most recently consulted for the U.S Paralympic Dressage team who won medals for the first time ever in an International Competition at The World Equestrian Games in 2018.

Alexa Young, Product Manager



Beyond custom, lies bespoke.
You can have an existing saddle customised to one's horse, or have a saddle measured, cut and hand-made by master saddlers, specifically for horse and rider. 
At WestHill&Son, we offer the best elements of a traditional English saddlery: a Master Saddler with years of education, a proven history of delivering the correct fit using only the finest materials and un-rivaled craftsmanship. Additionally, we offer an industry-unique satisfaction guarantee on our bespoke work.

Bespoke Saddlery


Kate travels throughout the US - Contact today to book!

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