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Hear from Top Riders - on why they trust Master Saddler Kate Ballard for their Saddle Needs!

Westhill & Son Ambassadors

Saddle “Fitters” are commonly found throughout the equestrian industry - but a Master Saddler, is a rarity - due to the time, education & commitment it takes to become certified & master this art. Kate Ballard is 1 of only 3 Master Saddler’s in all of the US - and is here to ensure your horse, and your seat - is performing at its best!


Adam Steffens - Grand Prix Rider - Wellington, Fl

I have been working with Kate

for nearly 7 years with a large

amount of horses and riders.

Her customer service is second

to none and everything is dealt

with in the most professional

manner. As a rider and trainer

who is meticulous about my

horses comfort and care having

saddles that fit reliably is very

important to me. With Kate and

Patrick Saddles I have been able

to rule out any saddle fitting

problems as it's always been

perfect. The quality of the

leather on her products and

attention to every detail has

made Kate a truly essential part

of my program.

Adam Steffens

Grand Prix Rider

Wellington, FL


Rosie Julian-Simone’s, USDF Gold Medalist & International Competitior

I have been riding in Patrick

Saddles for 7 years now. The

quality and comfort they provide

to me and my horses has been a

game changer! Kate always has

perfectly fit the horses and kept

my saddles feeling great. My

riders have thrived with these

saddles that are custom to not

only their horses, but also to

their bodies, improving their

position while riding!

-Rosie Julian-Simoes, USDF

Gold Medalist and International



Louisa Eadie

I have been using Kate Ballard,

WestHill & Son and Patrick

saddles for over 4 years now

from my babies to my

International GP horses. I won't

put anything else on their backs.

Kate's extensive education in the

field as a Master Saddler is

basically unprecedented in the


I believe what we use on our

horses backs and the people we

use to do this should be as

qualified as our veterinarian and

Kate is!

As well as covering all the

serious performance side of

saddle fitting we still get to do all

the fun design and


I cannot recommend Kate,

WestHill & Son and Patrick

saddles enough.

Louisa-Marcelle Eadie

UK International GP Rider

and Traj

Jessica Friedrich

I very highly recommend

Westhill and Son and Kate

Ballard!! Having a Master

Saddler fit your horse makes a

tremendous differenceto both

you and your horse.

I have had

Kate fit four of my horses with

Patrick's Saddles and I could not

be happier. I

will go to no one

else but Kate!!

Jessica Friedrich. IL/FL

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